Who is Jesus?

Jesus lived for you

Thousands of years ago God lived on earth as a real man. His name was and is Jesus. Scholars disagree so much about Jesus’ life, but one thing almost all agree on is the fact that a real man named Jesus lived in Israel.

But it is how he lived that really matters. He lived Perfectly. While only on this earth for about 30 years, he lived in a way that no one has matched in 100 years of life. No one is more loved. No one is more hated. He chose to live his life that way for you.

He did this to show us a better way to live. He didn’t just talk the talk. He lived it. Jesus tells us that he has come to give us life to the fullest, and we can experience that right here on earth, if we live for Jesus the way he lived for us.

Jesus died for you

Tortured, beaten, spit on, whipped, nailed, hung, pierced. This was not the way you would expect the God of the universe to go out. He suffered the worst kind of death, and he did it all for you.

Jesus truly paid it all. We believe he died the way he did to accomplish something none of us could accomplish on our own. The least deserving person died the most heinous death to pay for our mistakes. I bet if you take a real hard look at your life, you would agree that you haven’t been perfect.

While in our own strength none of us are perfect, Jesus died in order to make us perfect in God’s eyes. Will we keep messing up – Yes, but Jesus died for those mistakes too.

Jesus rose for you

Yup, we believe it. Can’t explain how He did it, but we believe it has to be true. Real people who walked right alongside him believed he rose from the dead. They believed it so much that they died for it.

Because Jesus rose from the dead, we believe he paved the way for us to do the same. Sadly we all have to die here on this earth, but God made a way for us to live on forever. That way is Jesus.

If you don’t believe that yet, that is OK too. We hope you will someday. And would love to get to know a bit in the meantime.

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